Committed To Keeping
El Dorado County a Great Place To Live

Greg Ferrero

For District 1 Supervisor

El Dorado County is an amazing place to live, raise a family and recreate.  As a resident of El Dorado Hills, small-business owner in El Dorado County, retired law-enforcement professional and involved community member, I am astutely aware of the challenges our community faces.  I am committed to preserving the safety and security of our community, promoting a balanced and responsible approach to growth while protecting our cherished open space, making wise fiscal decisions, and being a strong voice for El Dorado Hills at the County level. El Dorado Hills is my chosen home, and I would be honored to serve the residents of El Dorado Hills; I am ready and excited to represent you.

On March 5, 2024, I respectfully ask for your vote for District 1 Supervisor in El Dorado County.  I am committed to bringing a common-sense approach and transparency to the role.  I look forward to keeping El Dorado County a great place to live.  Thank you, in advance!

Preserving the safety and security of our County

Safety and security encompass several areas that protect and enhance the well-being of our community including law enforcement/crime prevention, homelessness, transportation safety, and emergency services.

As a 28-year retired CHP captain, I am unwavering in my support of our law enforcement agencies in the county.  Their dedication to public safety is vital and I am committed to ensuring they have the resources, training and support necessary to carry out their responsibilities while holding them accountable.  We do not want the crime and homelessness that have plagued major urban centers to bleed into our county.  I stand behind all of law enforcement to keep us safe.  

We are extremely fortunate to have a sheriff’s office that is committed to total enforcement on crime and criminals, total care for victims, witnesses and the community, and total professionalism, through training and by example.  An example of this is the Homeless Outreach Team which assists homeless members of our community to achieve sustainable independence.  This is all done with compassion, dignity and respect while minimizing the homeless population in the county.

With regard to transportation safety, I will strive to ensure that Traffic Impact Mitigation (TIM) fees outlined in Measures E and Y are collected when required and used to improve infrastructure to our traffic circulation system in advance of new development.  It is critical that we improve our road infrastructure to handle increased traffic due to new development. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is responsible for traffic enforcement and safety on all unincorporated roads in the state, including those in El Dorado County and I will advocate that the CHP increase staffing in our county with the goal of increasing traffic safety.

Promoting a responsible approach to growth while protecting our cherished open space

Striking a balance between responsible growth and the preservation of our open space is critical to me because it is top of mind to the residents of District 1.  As Supervisor, I will advocate to support an approach that is fundamentally in line with what District 1 residents have voted for.  My position on growth and development are based on these fundamental tenets:

  • We have a voter-approved general plan and subsequent Measures E and Y, and I am committed to aligning my votes with the principles outlined in these three documents/initiatives. 
  • I have not and will not seek endorsements or financial contributions from developers.  As District 1 Supervisor, I will be committed to maintaining independence in my role and ensuring my decisions are based solely on what is best for my constituents and not influenced by any outside interests.
  • Having opposed the re-zone of the 55-acre, former golf course property, I am very pleased that our Community Services District has completed the purchase of that land.  This ensures that our community will have an influential voice in determining how the land will be used to serve the public good

I am committed to advocating for the best interests of District 1 with my fellow supervisors through open and constructive dialogue, seeking common ground and building consensus to represent the interests of District 1 residents.

Being a wise steward of taxpayer dollars

During my career with the California Highway Patrol, I witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies and wasteful practices within our government.   I will advocate for more effective and responsible governance to ensure taxpayer money is used more efficiently and will push for the establishment of metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of our county’s programs.  If a program is found to be ineffective based on these metrics, I will promote a reallocation of resources towards programs that deliver positive results for our county.

I am open to exploring new and innovative technologies to streamline processes, save time, and reduce costs to the county. 

Being a strong voice for El Dorado Hills at the County level

Over the last few months, I have been walking neighborhoods and talking to constituents about what is important to them.  As a Supervisor, I will represent the interests of all constituents and ensure differing viewpoints are represented whether or not I personally agree.  As District 1 Supervisor, I will ensure my actions are in the best interest of the community and make informed, common-sense decisions based on facts, not emotions.

Once elected, I will continue to seek input from constituents through community events, town hall meetings and other opportunities for two-way communication to understand the needs and desires of our community. 

I would be honored to serve the residents of El Dorado Hills; I am ready and excited to represent you.”
– Greg Ferrero

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